The Crusaders

The crusaders were formed around 500 years ago by the first order of the white rose to fight against the golden dragon. After the dragons fall they formed a police force that up hold the laws that the white rose established. They hold these laws above any other nation. The rulers of the 7 nations respect the crusaders but think they our out of date and that they have their own army’s to protect them now.

Laws of the crusaders.

1The Law of the crusaders is second to none.

2 The 7 heroes made each one law we up hold them with honor 1 The arts of magic and ki will be regulated.Those who break this law will be punished. 2. Those who harm the innocent deserved to be punished. 3. Theft from an owner Shall lead to punishment if the wronged so chooses. 4. A crusader will never accept a reward for doing his task. Any crusader who breaks this will be punished. 5. Protect the people who were saved by our heroes as if you were a hero yourself. 6. Respect the land as if it were a man. The land takes care of us as we it. 7. A punishment from a crusader only means death. There is no redemption of the wiked

The Crusaders

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